Nelson Mullins

Dear Gary:

Based upon your excellent work both on our North Carolina house and our Atlanta house, I write to affirm both the superb work and the superb support you have provided the Hines's homes over the years.

Our mountain house, which contains multicolored Vermont slate, is situated on a high plateau that regularly is buffeted by winds in excess of 50 mph, experiences high hcating in the summer and ice and snow in the winter, and is otherwise exposed to the fierce North Carolina mounatain elements. It has required maintenance by you over the years, but you have provided that service quickly and, although it is 150 miles away from Atlanta, at no cost to me. When it has been needed, the service and repair work has been excellent.

Because of our experience -- dating back to 2005 -- we engaged you this year (2011) to replace the existing roof on our Atlanta home. Again, we chose Vermont slate, which upon your recommendation varied slightly the color, and your team did an excellent job in removing the old roof and installing the new. The work on a daily basis was done with excellent end of the day clean up which happily meant no flat tired or punchtured feet! The resulting product was excellent -- so much so that a neighbor wants to do exactly the same roof and use you to do it. There could be no better recommendation.

Simply put, my wife and I unqualifiedly recommend Roofing Specialists to any prospective customer.


Richard K. Hines, V