While vastly durable and uniquely attractive, cedar shakes and shingles might be the most finicky of all specialty roofing products. That's why experience is a must-have when it comes to installation. “Poor installation of a cedar roof can greatly affect its performance and lifespan, as can the quality/grade of the cedar product, maintenance of the roof, and the elements (e.g., climate, trees, foot traffic, etc.) to which it is exposed. In other words, while it might look easy, a cedar roof is not a do-it-yourself weekend project! Installed correctly, cedar shingles or shakes make a naturally elegant roof that, for 30 to 40 years, provides significant weather-resistant protection and great structural integrity. It also has the highest insulative properties of any roofing material, which means you save money in heating and cooling costs. Environmental stewards will also like the fact that cedar is a naturally renewable resource.