When it comes to sourcing metal roofing for our clients, we turn to Follansbee, the exclusive maker of terne-coated, standing-seam metal roofing. As for quality, we can't express it any better than the manufacturer itself: "A Follansbee metal roof can reasonably be expected to endure 50, 80 or even 100 years. Even in harsh environments, a Follansbee roof outperforms the competition. The competition refers to traditional metal-roof materials. The Follansbee product differs in that it has a proprietary zinc/tin alloy coating to create a very corrosive-resistant – and beautifully durable and watertight – ternes surface. The RSI team has been installing Follansbee products on residential and commercial properties for decades. For more information on Follansbee roofing materials such as TCS II®, Terne II® and Klassic Kolors®.

Visit the company's Web site at www.follansbeeroofing.com.